Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spam Emails

I must confess I get over eighty spam emails a day. This fact embarrasses me, what did I do to receive so many emails that are at times quite vulgar. The subjects of these emails range from low-interest mortgage, stocks, Viagra to other subjects too vulgar to mention. It is quite annoying receiving so many emails sent by individuals who apparently do not know how to reach their target audience. I have setup a “bulk” rule that when it works sends all my so-called spam emails to my delete box. There are still emails that get through the bulk rule so I still have to filter through them to get to my important emails. The number of spam emails seems to increase every week, so recently I decided to create a new email address that I only give to my trusted contacts and that I will never give out on the internet. I have kept my old email address because I have had that address for years and have given it out to important contacts over years, so I am not quite ready to close my account. Another reason I am keeping it is for memberships I have with ebay, paypal, blogger and other such website that I do not quite trust with my new email address.

Of course, my knowledge of how my address is dispersed so widely is limited. So if anyone could educated me and provide me with advice please feel free to make a comment.

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