Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A few of my favourite things

I bought my first personal computer in 1992 and connected to the internet in 1995. I always thought I was “in the know”, but after my first class of MIS I realized…I’m not in the know, I’m in the “I don’t know”!! One thing is for sure though I love technology.

I like being able to purchase that hard to find item on eBay, search for a new home on MLS, view satellite images tracking an approaching storm-front, get directions to my next destination, the ability to take a picture, view it, keep it or delete it, search for my next job. It is amazing. Whatever you want to learn more about is at your fingertips, you can just goggle it.

As you might have noticed the internet is by far my favourite technology; a close second is my personal video (PVR) recorder from Bell Expressvu. What can I say? I love it. Rewind when you missed what was said, if you need to leave the room you can just pause the live show you’re watching, you can record your favourite shows with no need for tapes or DVDs and the best part….I haven’t watched a commercial in years! If you’re thinking about purchasing a PVR, I’ve tested both the Bell and Roger’s models and found that Bell’s model is far better in my opinion. I found Bell’s to be more user friendly with an appealing interface, have more capabilities with more short-cut keys right on the remote and it also has the ability to store more recorded programs. Check it out. (PVR Demo)

Over the next few weeks I would like to regain that under 30 feeling, so I will be very interested in hearing about any new technologies that you find useful and fun. Seriously. RB

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