Thursday, May 17, 2007

IT Security

I work at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency where we have a large team dedicated to information technology security. Their mandate is to monitor the risk of new and existing threats and to provide solutions to these threats. Another part of their mandate is to maintain the standards outline in our information technology security policies.

The team provides information on our intranet to promote security awareness. The details they provide help employees understand what the risks are and how to protect themselves in these technology-based times. They have created a website that provides personal tips on antivirus software and where you can obtain free downloads. The site provides links to Spyware or Adware removal programs; it provides information on e-mail dangers and the different types of dangers complete with links to where you can check if an email is a hoax. There is information on firewalls and links to free firewall protection. They provided tips on how to create strong secure passwords and general information on dangerous applications. The site also has information on hackers and their real threat to everyone. What types of information the hackers could get from your computer, how they could monitor you and use your computer in illegal activities. In addition, there is much, much more information on various related topics. It is a very interesting site, user-friendly, the only thing I found wrong with it was that NO ONE told me about it. I have now added it to my favourites and look forward to reading all the tips and tricks included on it.

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